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We have received notification that someone has been impersonating American Tech Support. Please be aware that these phone calls are a scam. American Tech Support does NOT work for Microsoft, and we will NOT contact you unless you have first contacted us for assistance. If you are ever contacted by anyone other than your personal tech support company, DO NOT by any means EVER give them any of your personal or business information (including email addresses, passwords, etc.). Giving this information can lead to a breach of your most secure and private information, opening you to viruses or an encrypted operating system.

We do apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing we can do to stop these phone call scammers. If you are unsure or have questions regarding a phone call you have received, please do not hesitate to contact us.


"I've got to hand it to your repair guys...Your computer tech support is absolutely "outstanding." The quick response and pinpoint solution to my server problem was resolved quickly and accurately. Great Job American Technology Support Team!!"

Thank you so much, American Technology Support! I just saved my company over three thousand dollars with your server repair tech's help...for just $170! I LOVE YOU!

"As small business owners and leveraging the Internet, PC performance is of the utmost in criticality! Having Blair available for repairs at a very competitive price, and sometimes the option for on-site service, makes it highly desirable to do business with them! They keep us going so our business keeps humming! They are very knowledgeable and have a great rapport with clients because they can describe in "lay terms" what needs to be done. They'll help with every step along the way, depending on what you need. We highly recommend American Tech Support for any server issues you may have!"

As a small law firm, we do not have the need for full-time "IT" staff, so it is great that we can call on American Tech Support to fulfill any and all of our "IT" needs. From problem solving to upgrading, American Tech Support has been able to execute all of our goals and requirements.
Anytime a technician walks in our door to service our computers, I know exactly what to expect – the problem to be solved. American Tech Support goes above and beyond our service needs by addressing any potential security issues and advising our firm about the latest upgrades to help our system run faster. American Technology Support is reliable, fast and friendly, and I would recommend them to any business in need of IT/server services.

"The technician arrived on time, hooked up my new printer and removed a load of viruses, was polite and just a nice person to have working in my home. Your computer repair service was excellent. The work was done quickly and I will use you again when needed."

"The assistance I got yesterday from your computer repair technician was out of this world! No problem was too big or small, and my computer is running very well now. Once again thanks for your support, it's second to none in my opinion!"

Thank you so much, that took care of it. You guys are great. I can think of no better computer repair company in Denver!

"Thanks for all you do! Everyone needs your company for computer repair service."

"I have been a very pleased customer of American Tech Support. From simple to complex you have gotten our law firm out of many of jams with our Windows server! I can't even begin to mention, but there is definitely enough "HARD WORK," involved, as I like to refer to it...to write an article or two. I Love the service and what this is doing for not only myself, but many other companies in the same boat! Thank you so much! :-)"

"Do you know what? you are simply great, just like that you put your finger on it. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I know our home business is better from your computer repair work."

"I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all the time you spent with me. I had been getting frustrated when I couldn't sort out the problem. Your on-site server repair saved the day. Thank you so much for your time and patience. Our Exchange server obeys your every command. You are magic."

"Refreshing!!!!, the service that American Technology Support provides. Comforting to know that you are there. Keep up the effective technical assistance. You guys are great at server repair and maintenance!"

"The purpose of this email is to send my personal expression of my gratitude for American Technology Support continued computer repair help. This is also to tell you and your excellent Tech Support Staff that one individual deserves a very special Thank You and humongous kudos. You did not stop until EVERYTHING was running as well as possible."

"I just can't believe how skilled and friendly your techs are. I have used your laptop computer repair service many times and you fixed my problems each and every time. I have used 2 other tech services and neither of them could fix my problems. I was so impressed, Wow! Talk about striking a gold mine. I have never been so happy in my life. Thank you so much."

"Firstly thank you very much for your patience and help in getting my computer virus problem solved and then to proceed and sort out all the other problems with my pc was absolutely fantastic. I am very impressed with the way you were able to fix our network. WELL DONE! Thank you so much!"

"Just wanted to let you know that your Denver PC repair guys have done it again!!! You are fantastic! How did you ever find such a great group of folks for Tech Support????"

"I liked your pc computer repair service, because right away I felt like my PC technician was a friend. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. He was so helpful and I definitely will use your service again when I need it. I will refer others to you if I get the chance."

"I just wanted to thank you again for fixing all of the problems on our servers. I will tell all of our sister companys. With computer reapair experts like you, American Technology Support has a very bright future."

"I would like to give a testimonial about your onsite IT solutions: I priced out a server with their help where I needed multiple screens (4), the fastest components possible and the retail price was $7,500+. Since they're Dell partners, that computer priced out at $3,800 + tax. They also help install the server and all the networking for our company. If you're looking for the right server for the best price, you need to speak to them - I can't say how impressed I am. Thanks again!"

"I feel that being honest and up front with people as my your techs were with us they will surely be the computer techs to go with. The laptop repair service was great not to mention the cost. I hope never to have another computer virus ever again. You have a very satisfied customer with us and I will be telling others about your great service. Thank You."

"I've owned computers since Windows 3.1 and thought I could do my own computer repair. After I messed things up I called ATS and explained my issues. They were very courteous, extremely helpful, and walked me through each of my problems (one was hugely problematic computer virus) with great results. I am very happy to have found you."

"I signed unto American Technology Support for the monthly tech support maintenance for our company and am not the least bit disappointed! My partner Nick went from working half the day trying to manage our systems to making us money as he should have been doing. Your rates are wonderful and we are sleeping better since your server repair techs are very competent."

"Just wanted to say thank you so much to my computer repair tech for knowing what was needed to fix my PC today! It's so nice to be able to use it again after he removed the virus(s).. I appreciated my tech's personality too in that he was patient with me, trustable to be in my home and my computer, and in general someone who really knew what he was doing but didn't have that arrogant "know it all" type way of being that some computer "gurus" have!!!!! I am looking forward to calling on American Tech Support again and asking them to help me learn some stuff on my Mac (wow its so rare to find someone who can do both Desktops Windows stuff and Mac stuff!), and possibly getting more memory for the desktop etc etc. Yay! Thank You again so much!"

"You guys are awesome! Thanks for the computer repair help!"

"Thank you very much for all of your help with removing all the potential viruses and errors, and repairing my Email server. I have to say that American Technology Support, is the BEST!!! I've been a customer of yours for 6 months and no matter what or when the problem was, you were able to take care of the situations... Let me tell you I've had plenty and if I would have gone to another company it would have cost an ARM & a LEG!"

"Last Monday I received the virus/worm in my computer. I contacted American Technology Support for virus removal and they were able to get my computer running. God bless them. I commend your tech service team. Thank you so much and I recommended you to my sister too."

"WOW!! I'm sold on American Technology Support. Your IT services are awesome! Your tech is not only the smartest and most talented individual on server networks, he is very helpful and friendly too. I will highly recommend you to every other small business! He took the time to listen to my needs and then he not only took care of them, he went a few steps above and beyond by fixing other problems that I had in my server and also by giving me a lesson on using Exchange. Outstanding!!"

"I just had to let you know that I was elated with my tech who saved all my information I thought I had lost!! Many of us have gone the dreaded "geek squad" for business server repair and paid big money and always being told to try this or try that and call back in after we have tried what they asked us to do and spent HOURS with no avail and lost months of research and info on our computers thinking it was lost. Well thanks to my American Technology Support tech I cannot tell you how excited I was when I got my info back!! I tell everyone now, get American Technology Support because even using them one time and having that security thinking all this time info was lost when we accidentally deleted or emptied trash and to know that your server techs know what they are doing!! Everyone needs you guys that has a server!! You saved me hundreds of hours of research!!

"Thank you for your assistance in getting my computer operating properly. I appreciate your laptop repair service."

"Outstanding! That is all I can say about your computer repair service and commitment to your clients. You completely resolved the bug I had with my computer. Meanwhile with Microsoft, after holding for 40 minutes, the best their tech guy could tell me was to call our "dedicated tech support line for this problem." I called that number only to get continuous busy signals. After my computer was repaired I realized how fortunate I was to have your help. People were down all over the world with this problem. (Not Me! thanks to you) Finally, there was a message from a tech doing a follow up call. Now that's icing on the cake. I am extremely satisfied with American Technology Support's service, elated about their follow up which is rarely done anymore, and ecstatic to recently be affiliated with an up and coming QUALITY COMPANY! Keep up the Outstanding Work!"

"Thank you so much for all your help. I was truly amazed at how fast you were able to solve my computer repair issue today. When I called I expected to be put on hold for quite some time before speaking with a technician, you picked up the call immediately and stepped me through the process. Great Job! I am now going to tell people who need PC repair service"

"After a couple hours of support I must say your service has more than paid for itself once again... The level of support and professionalism I received was AWESOME! Just knowing you have provided us with technicians to service our accounts is a blessing... Anyone thinking about the service contract with American Technology Support for server help should not wait any longer...We are very happy with every one of your technicians. I love your little car too, very cute "

"Today was my first time using your mobile computer service. When I called, my computer was REALLY MESSED UP. Your tech was here in two hours and went through everything. Apparently I know nothing about PC computer repair but he knows everything. Anyway, American Technology Support is GREAT, the staff are great-I'll refer other small businesses to you. This saved me unplugging everything, hauling the hard drive to the computer shop, waiting 2-3 days, then paying double what you charged to fix my problem. Thank you again!!!"

"I cannot imagine the cost of the computer repair work Ed did for me yesterday and today. I really appreciate you and the job you did dealing with the virus removal. I admire your patience with us newbies. You are just a great bunch of folks."

"I really need help with many issues dealing with server repair and looked you up on Google under IT services. I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Can I just say that your tech support is unsurpassed! Since then we had your company design and build our network we are up and running without any problems. And your commitment to keeping our servers well maintained has kept us from pouring out the funds of a full time staff person. You are super. I am so very pleased I subscribed to your support service. BTW, I got a bonus since it is part of my job responsibility. Much Thanks!"

"I am a computer nitwit. The machine I was using was so slow and I knew the security on it was a mess. I knew I had to get a new computer but was clueless. Ed at American Tech Support was wonderful. He asked me a lot of questions regarding how I use my home computer and what I needed it to do. Then he actually helped me order it from Dell. Once again, I would have had no idea what to get! Once it came he then came over to my house and set it all up. It was a terrific experience.

They do website design, PC repair, data backup, hardware, networking, tech support, training and consulting. Ed is very experienced. I trust their expertise in technology and their prices are affordable."

"I have always considered myself to be a bit of a geek. So when my CD drive crashed, I figured I could install a new one myself. Well, a couple of hours and too many mismatched connections later, I gave up and called for help. Within a few hours, a computer technician was at my office and had hooked everything up perfectly. I haven't had a problem since!"

"My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either a computer virus or some computer glitch that left our business server paralyzed. In all cases, American Tech Support came to the rescue to bail us out. Quick turn-around time, economical repairs, and personalized service keep us loyal to their business. Thanks!!!"

"Your server technician responded quickly..Your IT Services are reasonably priced and has always come through fixing my computer problems. I'd recommend them to any business owner in Denver!"

"In Denver there is no other computer repair service at a great price. Thank you for our your laptop repair expert!"

"Quick, highly efficient,and cost-effective computer repair service brought to you by really experienced, nice people. What else could a customer ask for?"

"Your techs are very different from the run of the mill organizations that seem to be popping up everywhere. With something as important as your servers, computers or computer networks you definitely want a pro dealing with any issue and American Tech Support fills the bill. They will get the job done and done correctly and in a timely manner. You can count it. We had a server go down and needed someone fast to take care of it. Your guy came out fixed the server and installed a proper firewall. Now we are less concerned with virus removal and can get back to our jobs. Thanks!!!"

"One Google search, one phone call and we have landed ourselves an outstanding company to work with our small office network and computer issues now and in the future. Not just awesome service. Our technician is extremely pleasant to work with. He worked hard and quickly and left us feeling like he isn't like other companies, wherein they stretch the job out for billing purposes. Thanks!"

"My wife and I are very satisfied with the PC repair work that your techs completed on our computers. Our son is in Afghanistan and we use Skype to see and talk to him, but I was having trouble with it. It was important for us to get it corrected, so when your tech came out and solved the problem we were grateful."

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