Virus Removal Support

Viruses, adware and spyware can wreak havoc on your computer, slowing its speed, destroying data and even compromising your identity. Protect your computer from harm with American Tech Support. We provide anti-virus set-up and removal services for our Denver, Colorado customers, eliminating damaging viruses and programs from your computer and preventing them from returning.

Computer viruses have become an absolute fact of life. They are much more prevalent among PC’s, Servers, Laptops as well as Phones. They are transmissible via “drive-by” infected websites, email, flash-drives, network, WiFI (wireless) or any shared resource (even printers). The technicians at American Tech Support have been known to find, and safely excute virus removals of all degrees.

We have the latest tools and protection software to give you the best solution possible.

Computer viruses continue to disrupt the business day and rob people of their valuable time and money. Firewalls don’t protect users from viruses. It is the user’s responsibility to be “virus aware” and protect their office environment from viruses whenever possible.

Firewalls cannot replace security-consciousness on the part of users. In general, a firewall cannot protect against a data-driven attack–attacks in which something is mailed or copied to an internal host where it is then executed. This form of attack has occurred in the past against various versions of send mail, ghost script, and scripting mail user agents like Outlook.

Organizations that are deeply concerned about viruses should implement organization-wide virus control measures. Blanketing your network with virus scanning software will protect against viruses that come in. Trying to block viruses at the firewall will only protect against viruses from the Internet–and the vast majority of viruses are transmitted via attachments from email.