SOHO Services

American Tech Support provides clients with a “total computing solution” by placing a strong emphasis on system and network support, provided by staff with solid technical backgrounds.

A particular challenge to the small and mid-sized businesses is the need to implement computer technology without a large technical support staff to see it through. Let’s face it, you’re in business to satisfy your customers and to use your hard-earned revenue to generate more revenue.

The implementation of computers or any type of technology has to aid in generating revenue by saving time or money. The challenge is that without a dedicated technical staff team, or where the technical staff is limited on time, the daunting array of technical solutions can be overwhelming to select, let alone implement.

Instead of a simple solution to your problem, you are faced with the need to make a technical decision, then implement that decision and finally support the outcome of that decision, all of which can be troublesome and especially time consuming when you are trying to run a business.

We feel that computers should solve your business problems, not create them; and so we have taken a unique approach to offering state of the art technical solutions targeted specifically for Small to Medium Businesses where resource restrictions or time constraints are an issue.