Data Recovery

Data disappearing? Crashed drive? We also offer backup and data recovery services for an extra measure of protection for your sensitive data. Physical damage to a hard drive or a hard disk due to an accident or other unfortunate circumstances is not that uncommon. A hard drive can stop working due to logical damage to the file system as well.

Experienced technicians at American Tech Support are well-versed in data recovery services involving operating system failure, hard drive failure, or the kind if failure where files have been deleted from a storage medium, logically or unintentionally. American Tech Support provides data recovery services such as: hard drive data recovery, data transfer, data migration, recovering corrupt data, Windows data recovery, Mac drive data recovery, and other similar services.

Data recovery services include retrieving and rescuing data from a damaged or failed secondary media. These kinds of data retrievals are needed when data cannot be rescued normally off the internal source or external hard disk drives. American Tech Support provides data recovery services from different internal or external source drives like USB flash, solid state drives (SSDs), storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, and other electronics.

  • Server Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Digital Media / IPod / IPad / PDA
  • Email & Database Recovery
  • Manual Error: Data omission or overwriting due to accident
  • Corrupt File System: Operating system crash or virus
  • Hardware Failure: HDD failure or CPU failure
  • Location-related: Fire, flood, or electricity outage
  • Crime: Theft, hacking, worm, virus, hacker attack