Office and IT Asset Relocation

When a company is relocating, one of the biggest challenges is secure IT asset moving. In Denver, Colorado one company has built a nationally respected business helping companies safely and securely relocate by managing the secure IT asset moving.

American Tech Support was established nearly twenty years ago as an IT company with the goal of providing services to businesses. Over the last two decades, the company has continued to grow to provide a wide range of support services involving IT assets.

Moving IT assets from one location to another, or even within a particular facility, requires specific knowledge of the configurations and operation of IT hardware. While internal staff members are often tapped for the job, there are often numerous layers of the project that must be handled. From de-installation to de-commissioning, American Tech Support handles it all. We have worked in conjunction with major moving companies and focused on IT equipment while the other moving companies move furniture. This is done by owners because they know big brand movers don’t know tech.

In addition, American Tech Support serves Denver, Colorado companies that not only are moving IT assets, but that are upgrading equipment at the same time. Disposing of retired equipment can become a big project in and of itself, but with American Tech Support, that part of the process becomes simple. In fact, we can have large amounts of equipment recycled for proper environmental responsibility.