Wi-Fi Key-Cracking Is Happening Now

In China, sales are going crazy for network key-cracking kits that will crack long-known weaknesses in a Wi-Fi encryption standard. Sales are focused on the average consumer to gain access to unsuspecting networks.

The kits consist of a Wi-Fi USB adapter with a Linux OS, key-breaking software, and an easy-to-follow user manual. It is being sold as “Free Internet.” It doesn’t take a whole lot of tech savvy to use one of these kits, nor do they require a hefty investment. Some merchants are selling Wi-Fi cracking kits for as little as $24. Both WEP and WPA keys are vulnerable; the former by exploiting a long-known weakness in the protocol, and the latter by way of a brute-force attack. “Depending on many factors, WEP keys can be extracted in a matter of minutes,” said one of the kit’s developers who goes by the name Muts. “I believe the record is around 20 seconds.” Speculation of not how but *when* these kits will start making their way to unscrupulous mechants in the States is a guessing game. This is a good time to make certain your home/business Wi-Fi is properly secured by calling a professional.