Blackmail software: How low can they get?

A new type of malware infects PCs using file-share sites and publishes the user’s net history on a public website before demanding a fee for its removal. This bit of software has been linked to a Japanese based group which created malicious software for profit.

It installs itself on computers automatically using a popular file-sharing service called Winni. The malware acts like a normal game of the Hentai genre, an explicit form of anime. During installation it asks for personal details of the PC owner. After installation the malware takes screenshots of web history of the user’s account and then publishes them online in the user’s name taken from the installation information. Finally, it sends an email to the owner demanding a payment via credit card to remove the browser history of the owner on the webpage and “settle your violation of copywriter law.” How long before they grab your email lists and threaten to blast the information to your boss and mom?